Who is Mei Mei?

Who is May Ling?
Quirky poet, writer, blogger, artist,  *aspiring novelist*, wine in the rain enthusiast… Headphones, pen & paper = a happy gal.

What you need to know:
My daughter is my world ♥
I think the rain is sexy. Add a little wine to that.
I talk too much… which is why I need to put pen to paper.
I NEED to believe that love really exists. I’m in love with love.
Music fills any empty space. The dance floor is my solace.
I have a soft spot for the artistic soul.
I’m stubborn, impatient and always late.
Whether you believe it or not… I’m freakishly shy.
(Which is why this website in itself is so amazing)


But I guess all writers have a “real bio”?

IMG_6399May Ling is forever 21 with an amazing and gorgeous daughter whose social calendar rivals her own. She’s obsessed with music, owls, exploring the world, and the written word. She thinks everyone needs to visit the MET at least once in their life. Vices include tanning, sour gummy worms, an aged whiskey, reality TV (eek), an iced latte and the belief that true love and soul mates can be found anywhere. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and she finds herself reading it at least once a year. Her bucket list includes saving a human life, visiting Ireland, cliff jumping and slapping someone in the face to name a few… 21 down, 99 to go!

May Ling earned her BS in Business Management, lives in White Plains, NY and works for a non profit in Manhattan. She basically has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up, but aspires to make an impact on the world, one way or another. She is currently working on two novels and hasn’t figured out how they end just yet but is always within arms length of a journal for whenever inspiration hits. She’d like to remind you that art is never finished, only abandoned, and no one except you defines who or what you are, if that helps.


One thought on “Who is Mei Mei?”

  1. Hello, Thanks for inviting me to your website. I’m Blown away by the content your poetry and the volume. Wow! I also write but not nearly on the same scale. I really appreciate the invite.

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