On second thought

I find it funny my world didn't collapse
Maybe briefly it was shaken...
But life went on just fine
Even though everything is different
Things always look different in the morning
When our visions aren't as cloudy
Why do we make everything life or death?
It's never really that serious
I'm a bit melodramatic I guess
My whole damn life is a soap opera
Well that's getting quite old
Let's put a pin in that, huh?
I made you so much more important than you really were
I needed something to matter that much
It didn't have to be you
So does that mean it's not real?

When did I become an old lady??

So I’m writing this from my couch… the couch I have been confined to since Tuesday. It seems typing with my fingers is the extend of what I’m capable of at the moment : /

I somehow pulled a muscle in my back and had one of those “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” moments. And sadly THAT is truly a Mei Mei Moment without question. I was literally trapped at a 90 degree angle with only my feet to stare at. You see people do this on sitcoms and laugh like how is that even possible. Well… I tell you people, it’s freaking possible!! I can not begin to describe how much it sucks not being able to stand up, to walk or move even an inch without a pain shooting through your body. That first night was AWFUL! I felt so helpless. I compared it to childbirth and desperately preferred reliving those 21 hours of labor my daughter put me through instead of what I was feeling. At least that pain ended when she was born. This has been nonstop.

My wonderful, wonderful doctor gave me this magical injection that worked for all of two hours. But it was two hours of pure heaven. So here I sit now with my trusty bag of frozen edamame and bottle of muscle relaxers. I hate that they make me so sleepy though – and that’s literally all I’ve done these past few days, SLEEP. But I was able to walk around a bit today. I attempted to take a test earlier… HA! I practically fell asleep halfway through and randomly guessed the rest of the answers before time ran out. I don’t know if I’ll be pleased or just plain confused if I score high on that exam… we shall see.

I have a new appreciation for the aging. And I seriously can’t wait until I’m able to go back to the gym. Hell, I can’t wait until I can walk around outside in the sun. Of course this would be the week mother nature decides to hit us with 60 degree weather. Man, she’s a bitch! How sad is it that I actually miss work?! I think that was the pills talking….