It’s kind of been my year!

My best friend told me a couple of weeks ago to prepare myself – that she read somewhere that when a person turns 29, it’s their year to shine. I think it’s more than a theory!

In 6 days I’m walking across that stage to finally wrap my hands on my degree, I’m waiting on approval for a promotion at work and I’m fast approaching the pre-pregnancy weight I’ve been chasing for years (29 of the 40 pounds, whoo!) The most surprising thing this year though, even to myself, is the fact that I find myself suddenly in a relationship!

I will not taint or jinx it, but I’m happy. In a very dorky way I might add. I guess it’s true that when you stop looking for it and just focus on bettering yourself, you’ll eventually find it. It could be an epic love story or another heartache… but I’m feeling good about it. And I’m genuinely cheesing in my office right now… = )

Professional student status revoked

I can’t even begin to describe how unbelievably elated I am that I am done with school! I slept like an effing baby this weekend. I took my last two finals Friday night and spent all day Saturday writing my last term paper. Saving things to the last minute is kind of my MO. I like to pretend I work best under pressure. I’ve yet to be proven wrong anyway. My whole world just shifted after clicking that “save” button one last time. I passed out hard after that and slept for hours.

Slowly my grades are coming in, but I guess I can’t officially say I’m a graduate yet… but I’m so much more calm these days. In addition to work and my crazy 8 year old, I was taking 4 classes and doing an internship. I don’t know what to do with my free time now. Dating? New project? BUCKET LIST!!! I’m going to end up causing way too much trouble either way. I do like the thought of coming home and not feeling guilty about turning on the TV though or having happy hour drinks with the co-workers.

I know I have to start researching my MBA or MS, but I have months to tackle that. In the meantime I am ready to rejoin society and happily turn in my student ID. Look out summer, Mei Mei is on the loose!

Seems you don’t know me

I'm a tad bit fickle
I'll pretend it's part of my charm
My mood is unpredictable
Tomorrow I'll probably care less
Or my world will slip away
Either way... I'm fine today
I'm actually more than okay
Okay, okay - there's a pep in my step
I don't need a reason why
I'll obsess over the next thing
That's just my method you see
All my effort and attention focused
It hurts less this way
I even convince myself you see
I can't reveal any breakdowns
Won't let you see me
I need a new project
Hmm... definitely not a new lover.
I just might break his heart
Revert back to the old me
Keep him hanging by a thread
But there's no more rush in that power
It's just plain mean
No I'll just keep skipping today
And see where I end up
Who knows if I want to be there tomorrow
Or tonight even