It’s kind of been my year!

My best friend told me a couple of weeks ago to prepare myself – that she read somewhere that when a person turns 29, it’s their year to shine. I think it’s more than a theory!

In 6 days I’m walking across that stage to finally wrap my hands on my degree, I’m waiting on approval for a promotion at work and I’m fast approaching the pre-pregnancy weight I’ve been chasing for years (29 of the 40 pounds, whoo!) The most surprising thing this year though, even to myself, is the fact that I find myself suddenly in a relationship!

I will not taint or jinx it, but I’m happy. In a very dorky way I might add. I guess it’s true that when you stop looking for it and just focus on bettering yourself, you’ll eventually find it. It could be an epic love story or another heartache… but I’m feeling good about it. And I’m genuinely cheesing in my office right now… = )

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