Bear hugging on the river…. Woman overboard!!

While many women opt to never reveal their age… I don’t think I’ve quite reached that point where it bothers me. I think I’m getting dangerously close though. My friends have begun celebrating their 30th birthdays… much to my delight, even with my upcoming birthday, I don’t cross that hump until next year.

My best friend’s husband turned 30 last week and the usual jeers ensued with the adopted mantra of “30 sucks!” But then he goes and does something awesome by organizing a white water rafting trip and thus landed himself into the “30 rocks” realm. Of course I was down – it is number 22 on my bucket list, which gets me up to 19 out of 110. (If you did not read the list, find it here.

So off to Lehigh River 5 of us went… and this ONE was pushed fell into the river… butt first. Of course I had to “fall in” butt first to qualify this properly as a Mei Mei Moment… but I feel the need to defend myself and yes, even pat myself on the back. The instructors called them “friendly”… rocks, friendly?? Trust me, they lied. Those dang rocks tossed us around that river with a vengeance reserved for mortal enemies. One such rock sneaked up on my friend, who instead of embracing said rock and bearing into it, threw his hands into the air all superman-like and aimed straight at me. And thus into Lehigh River I went… BUTT first. My bestie said she was amazed how calmly I went in – trust me, I WAS NOT welcoming death or accepted my fate in any way. I figured if i made sweet love to the river, it’d at least spit me back out onto my boat. Well…. at the very least it let me come up for air. After finally getting my oar back into the raft, I very calmly urgently reminded my boatmates that they needed to “bear hug” me into the boat. Perhaps they weren’t listening to me… so it kind of became a chant of sorts: “Bear hug… bear hug… bear hug… BEAR hug… BEAR HUG!!” You get the idea.

Needless to say I’m quite sore, even two days later. This rafting business is manual labor dude!! But it got me another drop into that bucket and am gearing up for the next adventure.

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