Post Card Series 1

Have you ever just wanted to say something, but the words can’t or won’t come out? And then suddenly the moment has passed, and the words suddenly feel irrelevant. I think that’s why I write:

when the thoughts swirl too much in my head…
because I am afraid to say things out loud…
when there is no one to listen…
because I hope one day you’ll read my words…
I write because I know no other way.

This post is the first of a new series of post card poems. The written words never spoken or shared, but desperate to be heard. Enjoy!

Post card 1

 Your smell is gone
    From this empty room
Leaving my nights
When did it all start to
       fade away?


These tiny deaths - 
                    they wake me nightly
When you're far from sight
     and never within arms reach
The fear is overpowering -
     I'm scared you'll forget about me
We are cosmic and rare
     albeit tortured and predestine
With my head resting against your nook
I feel my only moments of peace
But the countdown begins
     and the hazy returns
We won't be these people anymore
We'll always belong somewhere else,
     and never to each other


I had a moment of clarity – this incandescent realization that soothed me to my core. It was right around the time when the sun kissed the horizon and set everything on fire. Nothing felt impossible, the world opened wide and every fear was pulled away with the current. The daily chatter and small mindedness melted into the background and nothing else existed. Nothing and everything melded together actually, but it faded into this white noise, carried away by the wind. I want to live there forever. It’s not too much I think to just want to sit in the moonlight and watch it all slow down, especially when you know it’s evanescent. But it’s arresting and rare, so people want to tear it away. It’s imprinted on me though, deeply and securely. It was enough for now.


Run away with me

You're dangerous
          and everything screams RUN
But I'm mesmerized 
Can't break my stare
          or the hold you have
Everything is on fire,
                     let it turn to ash
It's all innocent, right?
That's what I say anyway
Just drive through the night with me
          chasing down the dawn
          until the light fades away
And we don't know where we are anymore
I'll follow you anywhere
          to feel this alive
Just take my hand - lead me away