Never Gone

By the old oak tree
I buried it there
Pieces of you
Pieces of me
When the water touched my toes
I threw it out to sea
What was left of you
What was left of me
The warm breeze against my skin
Brought it all back to me
I am never without you

No words for a writer?

Sometimes words aren’t needed. Maybe you can stand on a bridge and let the space around you just be. You don’t need to fill the empty space with a declaration of any kind. Don’t ruin the moment. You don’t need to define it or find meaning in it. Maybe the moment is enough. And that one view makes more sense than anything you could say. You have these rare moments, just a flash… and then the moment passes. But it doesn’t mean it’s insignificant or worthless. Sometimes it just is what it is, but it holds more value and a meaning deeper than statements can make. Hold on to that… and remember that moment in fondness.