Post Card Series 24

Over a year and a half ago I began a new project: The Post Card Series. While I haven’t posted any of the pieces in some time, I never stopped writing. I’m a writer, it’s what i do. I wanted to incorporate it into more of an art project because I started painting again. I spent so much time trying to figure out mediums and testing applications that I forgot the original point of the series: To share the written words that can never be spoken, but are desperate to be heard. I wanted to share a piece of me, my journey, my heartache and pain, my love and joy. So without all the elaboration, I reintroduce the series here…


Yours is the
  only light I see
Without you,
    my world
        is dark


The city sleeps tonight
    while I stave off desolation
It's palpable, unwavering,
           desperate for attention
I whisper to keep it at bay
I am surrounded,
   the air heavy around me
in place of your arms,
            my solace
We were encased in our temporary escape,
blanketed by stars
Until daylight broke
       and all else faded
I'll give in eventually,
but not tonight
Tonight I'm staring at the empty street