Death to writer’s block

What is a best friend? Someone who is genuine, and accepts and respects you without judgement… someone who is trustworthy and forgiving… A best friend is basically someone who loves you for you, with all those awesome flaws. My best friend, my anam cara, truly gets me. She listens (even when I don’t say anything) and will call me out on my shit. She gives the best advice or simply lets me talk through it on my own – give that woman a trophy for all that she has to listen to. But most importantly she supports me in almost everything. My insanely thoughtful best friend gave me just the slightest little push the other day for Christmas and reminded me that I’M A FUCKING WRITER, so I better write something already 🙂

Life throws us curveballs and responsibility and people to love and care for… life gives us every excuse we can ever need to NOT do something. And I let work, family, friends, and even more work overpower my passion and I rationalized I simply do not have time to write anything. When I finally do sit down I realize I have no clue what to even write anymore. I stare at my ideas book, pages from two very unfinished novels, my mixed media art projects and the time just ticks by. I’m so exhausted that I don’t even know what to write. I’m stuck, I’m literally just staring – I’m officially inflicted with the writer’s block… dreadful, awful writer’s block. the kind of writer’s block when everything you write seems like a steaming pile of…. yea, that kind of writer’s block.

Well, the bestie isn’t having it. No, not at all. So instead of saying it 10389468_10152449816636400_8420125486134457182_noutright, she gave me presents. And boy, do I love presents with an “s”. She got me magnetic poetry, 642 Things To Write About, a waterproof pad (because who doesn’t have the best ideas in the shower?), and The Writer’s Toolbox. Okay, okay – I hear you lady!! With these gifts, I give in to my new mantra: “Death to writer’s block!”