Let me go

I looked again with fresh eyes
                 and wanted so badly to see you
The truth of it shattered my spirit
And again my heart is tired
This addiction to your toxicity
                             is wearing me down
But you are my drug
The only thing I live on
And this suffering, at least, is familiar
I’m more scared of the unknown
Or maybe just life without you
Every breath is music to my ears
                worth the bruises on my heart
Your words flow through me
And each sting erodes me
yet one glance consoles me
Just once more...
             each time – once more
But not an encore of last night
I don’t want those grey skies
I want to be lost in you always
I need to be unburdened by you
I have to be free
I could fall out of love if you let me
How tragic would that be?
            How unforgivingly tragic!
Let me go….