Did you give up on me?
Label me a lost cause and move on?
I’m still here
Fighting, Thrashing, Screaming
Desperate for some kind of relevance
Stupid cupid, what do you know?
What give you the right?
Everything was pretty
                and shone so bright
Illusions and phony reflections
Sliced open from deep rooted bitterness
It’s dripping from my fingertips
Wash it all away
I’ve already buried it
Along with unwilling parts of me
But yes, I’m still here
Crooked halo and all
Bandaged , but not broken
A beautiful disaster
Sitting under a weeping willow
Only his branches understand me
The still air is suffocating
Robbing me of my tears
Must everything be taken away??
Patience, patience. Oh, how I learned it
You don’t know just how long
              I’ve been counting the days
When you were stolen from me
And until I can have you again
My heart is big enough
I’m ready to love again