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Drown with me

Would you jump in and drown with me?
Brave the waves as they pull you under,
battle the current and know
                there's no tomorrow
Fight until your lungs push out
                     your last breath
and pull me tighter
    as we lose the surface
Would you dive in or sail away?
I can face it alone
                    Don't make me


The city sleeps tonight
    while I stave off desolation
It's palpable, unwavering,
           desperate for attention
I whisper to keep it at bay
I am surrounded,
   the air heavy around me
in place of your arms,
            my solace
We were encased in our temporary escape,
blanketed by stars
Until daylight broke
       and all else faded
I'll give in eventually,
but not tonight
Tonight I'm staring at the empty street

I Miss You

The right words do not exist
  to explain this hole in my chest.
The waves crash and pull
   and I can barely stay afloat,
   drowning slowly
            in its monstrosity.
How can I describe this heartache?
Except to say I feel it in my fingertips,
                   I feel it in my bones.
Missing you is all consuming
                             without reprieve.
An endless hallway
                  and locked doors.
There is no sun, the stars all hide.
                     I'm in a vast emptiness.

My Fire

The words may not have been spoken
But I still have my fire
        thriving within me
It burns for you
                it mourns for me
The parts I've lost,
  the ones I can't share
          parts only you know
Because out loud it can never live
not the way you embrace it,
        the way you accept me
I lay my fire at your feet
because only you would not succumb
only you would emerge with me

Your Light

There is no solace in goodbye
just a fading light -
                     your light
counting down to darkness
I wish it nowhere but here
wrapped in my

Nothing else makes sense,
               soothes my soul,
quite the same

It's different now,
     everything is different
and I don't know how to make it right
              I can't see it anymore
I don't know how to feel your light

There it goes

We stand at the edge of it
         waiting for the drop,
screaming into the void. 
The compelling urge to run away
is the only reason I stay

What led us here:
        the wild in me,
        my uncompromising will
        and blind convictions

Our dalliance only a half shadow,
         slowly fading into the wind
Even for this I will not yield
In the mist of the morning
            I watch it fly away,
overwhelmed and inspired

I don’t love you

I remember this feeling
It twists and weaves,
        braided into my soul
Like the secrets we share,
        between us it remains

I don't love you...
So give it all back:
     the whispers
           and stolen moments
                             my heart
Give it back
       and I'll pretend I'm whole

My truth is buried deep,
      raging it's war,
catching in my throat
so I can't scream

But nights like those...
we owned the world
The memory remains,
       a slow burning fire,
       evergreen and bright.
             The wild still lingers
Encase it and runaway with me

But no, I don't love you