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Broken Pieces

You've taken residence in
       the corners of my mind
I push
       and push
               you away
But it lingers
       springing forward with aggression
And I finally lose constraint
I bathe myself in you
       until the reel has played through
I remember why
       I pushed you there
               and why I still try in vain
                      to rip you out
But you're the missing piece
       and I'm empty without you
I need you there
       even the broken parts
Because they still
                  make me whole


I'm desperate for gravity
I've lost the ground
Where I was safe with you
Abandoned in the darkest night
Your light, gone from this room
The taunting invades me
Random pieces of you,
                     they linger,
no longer mending
       the broken pieces of me
We were always lost,
                    but hand in hand
Fractured, yet whole together
Floating higher and higher
Let it consume me,
       my weakened spirit
Too many tomorrows to survive
Just keep me grounded,
       get me through today


These tiny deaths - 
                    they wake me nightly
When you're far from sight
     and never within arms reach
The fear is overpowering -
     I'm scared you'll forget about me
We are cosmic and rare
     albeit tortured and predestine
With my head resting against your nook
I feel my only moments of peace
But the countdown begins
     and the hazy returns
We won't be these people anymore
We'll always belong somewhere else,
     and never to each other

Run away with me

You're dangerous
          and everything screams RUN
But I'm mesmerized 
Can't break my stare
          or the hold you have
Everything is on fire,
                     let it turn to ash
It's all innocent, right?
That's what I say anyway
Just drive through the night with me
          chasing down the dawn
          until the light fades away
And we don't know where we are anymore
I'll follow you anywhere
          to feel this alive
Just take my hand - lead me away 

Be Brave

I know the walls are caving in
Just be still with me
     and let the war rage on
          as the world falls apart
I'll drown you in love
and we'll be free from the close
Dare to be audacious - 
     I'll stand my ground
And should you crash,
     into me you'll collide
Take refuge - 
              You are home


I falter when I step
The way it spins around me
S l o w l y at first,
               then faster and faster
But I still don't fall
All I want is the ground
I can't feel it beneath my feet
Not even the pain
             I'm numb to everything
But it DEMANDS to be felt
So instead I lose my breath
And my vision fades
Scattered and broken pieces of your face
            invade my mind
Distorted voices whisper against my ear
But the words are muddled,
            worse, dripping with venom
Sing me to sleep
I want to forget


Doesn't your mask get heavy?
Must be hard to keep it all straight
Your "exaggerated truths"
Who am I talking to today?
Don't like this version either anyway
Are you tired yet?
Because you exhaust me
And my half smile is starting to match yours
The sound of your voice makes me sad
Your eyes look desperate
For a second you almost got me
But you're still a jerk
You're not ready anyway
My fingers can't smooth the creases that line your brow
So I won't reach out
           Or get pulled in
                       I'll lay low
Even if you shed the veil I wouldn't know who you are
Would you?

One day at a time

I always hear the whispers
invading my thoughts
Breaking down my resolve
To an inch of my sanity
The way it beckons
stirring memories
Which then intertwine
with harsh realities
And I remember why
I walked away that night
That's the moment
I have to catch my breath
Chanting mantras
while I break into a sweat
I never knew you, did I?
That's the sad, simple truth
lodged in my throat
It dampers the whispers
into a bearable white noise
Day 41, check