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Professional student status revoked

I can’t even begin to describe how unbelievably elated I am that I am done with school! I slept like an effing baby this weekend. I took my last two finals Friday night and spent all day Saturday writing my last term paper. Saving things to the last minute is kind of my MO. I like to pretend I work best under pressure. I’ve yet to be proven wrong anyway. My whole world just shifted after clicking that “save” button one last time. I passed out hard after that and slept for hours.

Slowly my grades are coming in, but I guess I can’t officially say I’m a graduate yet… but I’m so much more calm these days. In addition to work and my crazy 8 year old, I was taking 4 classes and doing an internship. I don’t know what to do with my free time now. Dating? New project? BUCKET LIST!!! I’m going to end up causing way too much trouble either way. I do like the thought of coming home and not feeling guilty about turning on the TV though or having happy hour drinks with the co-workers.

I know I have to start researching my MBA or MS, but I have months to tackle that. In the meantime I am ready to rejoin society and happily turn in my student ID. Look out summer, Mei Mei is on the loose!