When rags attack…

To say I’m quirky would be an understatement I’m quite sure! I’m very much aware of how left of center I am and, for the most part, am quick to accept that and move on. Others may need a second look and warm up to my randomness. Who wants to be ordinary anyway? What’s so special about that??

Genes are a strong thing indeed because my baby girl is a carbon copy of me in almost every way. I’m not too sure how the rest of the world feels about there being two of me running around, but I think you’re all pretty damn lucky! I quite often joke it’s her father’s curse – to never REALLY be rid of me completely : ) He’ll be fine, don’t feel that bad for him!!

But my daughter definitely embodies the “Mei Mei moment” mentality. Even in her dreams… lol. I normally catch her sneaking in and out of my bed at night and let her think I’m none the wiser. Last night though she was curled right up under my armpit. We laid quite contently this way all night. (On another completely separate note, I think she senses when I’m at my lowest emotionally because she was there right when I needed her last night. How can I ever stay blue too long when the gorgeous one is there to pick me up??)

When we woke up I asked her why she came to my bed. She told me “I had a nightmare about a rag.” Of course confused, I asked “A rat?” “No a rag, mommy.” Well who wouldn’t be confused about this? So I asked her to tell me more about her dream. Basically the story goes as such:

“I had a nightmare about a rag. It was just there, like a ghost. I knew it would attack me, so I had to attack it first. But when I went to attack it, it attacked me! I ran outta there!!”

This may not seem like some big hilarity of the week to you… but come on, kitchen rags that attack?? And my baby girl being so brave to thwart it’s evil plans with a preemptive strike? Hearing this story, in her super sleepy voice with her wide eyes totally made my morning.

I love that she’s like me. As stated just the other day, I’m on my way to being a better me and if she takes away only the best of me… imagine just how awesome she’ll be!! Sometimes it freaks me out to no end, but I want to believe that it’s a beautiful thing. And at least now I know when I go for a drink in the middle of the night, she’s got my back ; )

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