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Who is May Ling? Quirky poet, writer, blogger, *aspiring novelist*, wine in the rain enthusiast... Headphones, pen & paper = a happy gal. What you need to know: My daughter is my world ♥ I think the rain is sexy. Add a little wine to that. I talk too much... which is why I need to put pen to paper. I NEED to believe that love really exists. I'm in love with love. Music fills any empty space. The dance floor is my solace. I have a soft spot for the artistic soul. I'm stubborn, impatient and always late. Whether you believe it or not... I'm freakishly shy. (Which is why this blog in itself is so amazing) *RE-EXAMINE ALL THAT YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD - DISMISS THAT WHICH INSULTS YOUR SOUL*


Imagine driving through a thunderstorm, a symphony of rain beating down around you. And as the winding road takes you underneath a bridge, for a brief moment it’s silent and you can see the road again. It’s fleeting and before you know it, you’re back in the thick of it.

That brief moment of serenity, when the world was quiet and you could see everything so clearly? That’s the feeling I get when I see you, that’s the calm you bring me in a chaotic world. And even if it only breaks through for a minute, if I get no further reprieve… I can stand a millennium of pain to feel that way with you.

Overpass 1, oil on canvas, 7 x 17, by Karen Woods