Crack in the closet door

While peeking out from
     the crack in the closet door
My trembling fingers cover my mouth
My eyes wide with fear
Not a sound - not a sound
Oh no, he's coming!
Hide! Hide behind the closet door
In my little corner, with my knees up to my chest
My little body curled into a ball
Then, looking at the place
  I've come to know as home
The four small walls that imprison me
Blocking me from all to see
The cold, bare floor
The darkness that surrounds me
The crack in the closet door
The chain's too high so it's hard for me to unlock the door and be free
     The crack in the closet door, teasing me
The gorilla mask upon the shelf, my watcher
There to make sure I stay in place
Also it too high to reach
So there he stays glaring down at me
His eyes black, empty, scaring me
Yes, he's gone
Open now, open to reveal the light
The only light I ever see
The light that comes from
     the crack in the closet door
Nothing left to do but wait
Guarded by the light
Tender, loving light - my only friend
Giving me hope, making me strong
"Come in, come in light," I beg
     the crack in the closet door
"Soothe me with your caring touch," I say
(Although who am I to know what a caring touch is?)
So now, alone with the protection of the light
I sleep, sleep
Drifting into a world outside the closet door
A world I will never see...
For what could I see through a
     crack in a closet door?

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