The thunder claps
The windowless pane flashing wildly
Framing the chaos of my world
Center stage again
But very much alone
Slide across the fallen dust
The shadows do not dance for me
Not even to the beat of my sobs
Yet there they linger stealing glances
Please don't fade away
But I let you stay too long anyway
Longer than you deserve
I enjoy the comfort of your company
Or the torment of your teasing?
These mind games are always so confusing
I think I like these intricate slices
At least their attention is focused
I ache for the way it burns
The warmness trickles down my arms
In viscous bright streaks
Rebelling against the darkness
If nothing else, at this very moment I'm alive
This reminds me. Taunts me.
My double edge sword
I lust for you
           your power,
           your freedom,
           your judgement
Always the puppetaire
And I always without control

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