I didn't think of you at all today
I didn't have to catch my breathe
Or stop myself from crying
My world didn't stop
And the sky didn't open up
Today wasn't the first
Just the first I noticed
You're not the one I'd call if it all fell apart
You don't hear about my day
Or know what makes me mad
You wouldn't even know how to make it better
I guess I just don't need you anymore
I don't know when,
but somehow I stopped loving you
My heart doesn't ache anymore
There is no longing
No reaching out to an empty space
I'm not bitter or angry about it
More shocked at my indifference
You called today and I didn't pick up
I'm a little too nonchalant for this
They told me I'd laugh one day
That I'd live again
I'm no longer broken
I'm elated....
       I'm free.....
               I can finally be me

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