Where did all the booze go?!

I can not seriously enough stress the PERFECT timing of Lent! There’s a few things (notions, thoughts, people…) I NEED to let go of. I’ve been pretty self destructive and unhealthy lately, and very unhappy… and it caused others to become a bit tainted themselves. I will be the first to admit I haven’t been thinking so clearly lately and have been rationalizing my bad behavior away. I can make a good argument for anything, especially when my pride refuses to let me admit I’m wrong. But yes, after very careful thinking I’ve come up with a vice list… eek. Without writing out the full list (can’t share ALL my weaknesses!!) I’ve decided finally on alcohol… YES, ALL alcohol consumption. I was going to originally just go with wine, but come on… that’s pretty weak. So for the next 46 days I will NOT drink any alcohol… *heavy breath out*

I toyed with the idea of soda, take out, shoe shopping or even Facebook. I seriously considered coffee for a while, but I also need to be tolerable over the next few weeks so that’s a BIG, fat no no. I even contemplated swearing off men and all that that implies, but that’s highly laughable… I figured God still wants me to find love = ) So yea, alcohol. My biggest challenge will probably be one of my best gal’s bachelorette party and St. Patrick’s Day (come on, I AM Irish after all!!). But I think it’ll be good for me. A few weeks ago I swore off any self pity parties… and then just threw myself a HUGE week long bash that ended with a new tattoo. Not exactly therapeutic, I know. Sometimes you just want to numb the pain. After last week, I need to refocus on myself and I think not drinking will help de-cloud my thoughts. Although I must admit I LOVE my new tattoo. It’s my third and definitively not my last. I got the phrase “alis volat propriis”, which is Latin for “she flies with her own wings” done on my shoulder.

ANYWAY, if my daughter can give up her beloved Pop Tarts… I think I can manage this. Besides, the week after Easter I’m going to soaking up the sun in Caribbean anyway ; )

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