Maybe I should move to Canada, eh?

It took me two years to take a vacation and I must say that regardless of my future situations, I fully plan on pulling aside time and money every year to go on a vacation. My mind is so at ease. (Even though finals are right around the corner.) My biggest concern during my trip was whether I was going to tan on the beach or by the pool that day, or if my brugal was going to be light or dark for that next drink.

I traveled to Punta Cana for the destination wedding of an old high school friend I was lucky to rekindle with 5 years ago. It was amazing, she was gorgeous and the tropical waters were healing. I have decided that this will be the LAST time I go there though – I’ve only traveled internationally three times, and it was always to the Dominican Republic. (People honestly need to pick a new place to get married dude, the second time I went was for a wedding as well.) I honestly believe that customs is going to eventually question my passport and think me a mule one of these days!

I literally spent the whole week just tanning, eating, drinking rum and sleeping. Even the beautiful island of DR didn’t want me to leave – the sun shone the ENTIRE time I was there, but the sky opened up and poured down on me as I checked out that morning. The past few days here in NY have been gloomy as well – you would think I was in London the way mother nature has been acting.

As I’ve said before I am a freakishly shy person. You can NOT take the opinions of my friends because they know me too well and I am far too comfortable with them at this point. But truth be told when I first meet a person, I probably won’t say hi to them or attempt to start a conversation. My flirting is quite awkward honestly. Now it could be the concept I’m on vacation (or the rum), but I’m just NOT a shy person when I go away. It’s like I’m a different person – I have no issue talking to people or dancing like a fool. (although I think I normally look like a fool when I dance anyway.) The island was COVERED with Canadians this whole week. Literally everywhere I went I saw either a Dominican or a Canadian. And I have to say, after meeting these Canadians, New York men better watch their back. They could take a lesson or two from Canadian men. It was SO NICE to talk to someone who actually wanted to TALK. They had to be the most genuine, friendly, respectful men I have ever met. And yes, I will say it: sexy! I met a Bradly Cooper body double and was completely lost in his blue eyes. Too bad he was short and lived in Vancouver.

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