Who moved the hallway?

So after 6 long years with the same company, I decided it was time to move on. It was a bittersweet decision because I love my job and the people I worked with. But sometimes, it’s just time. Plus I was never a lifer anyway.

So I started this new job last week and it was strangely like being the new kid at school. Having worked for a college, I was used to an open atmospehere with college aged students and a sense of playfulness throughout the day. This job is so not that. I now work at an office, in a suite, in one of those tall office buildings. Yea, I joined the mindless, I know. Anyhoo

The office is two floors and on orientation day I was given the tour through the winding hallways into the “West Wing” and all I kept thinking was “this place must be forbidden.” They kindly gave me a printed layout of the office for future reference.

So today I decided to venture onto the lower floor to drop something off. I left my trusty map in my office thinking I got this. Picture the TV show “The Office” and their “open” layout of work stations. I walk into the area and say hey to a few people and pretty much everyone lifts their head to watch me. I found that odd that everyone seemed so interested in my exit. So goodbye was said and I turn around and walk out the door…

Or so I thought.

Into a closet I walked with the door partly closing behind me. What else was there to do expect step out the closet and bow? And so I do while suppressing the heat that was quickly finding it’s way to my face. There was a roar of laughter and claps. My only solace is that I am not the first to do so I assume. I’m tempted everyday to tape a dang sign on that door…. but I secretly hope we have a new hire soon who will pull a Mei Mei and save me from disgrace.

Dora should have given me her map, at least he would have sang me along and warned me of the dreaded closet which would have been guarded by banana throwing monkeys or a math problem. I would have found my way home easy.

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