I can't find it
This place that seems to exist for everyone
Except me anyway
I thought I was there once 
It felt like home
But like most pretty things, those memories faded
I can barely recall now
Was I ever there?
Do I just see illusions?
Sometimes I think that’s enough
And then the picture becomes
             more and more washed out
Frayed at the ends
And it can hold me no longer
I need this place to call my own
Where I hear laughter
    Where I'm not afraid
         Or alone
                   (I hate that the most I think)
I need reason to believe that I'm on my way
Perhaps it’s just around the corner?
I hope at least... There's always hope right?
Maybe I just want to be missed when I’m gone
Have a careful eye on the horizon
A place to come back to
No matter how long I’m away
With someone waiting for me
Who’s thinking of me tonight?
And am I home to him?

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