Get out of my head!

I must confess… I am OBSESSED with Tyler Knott Gregson. You should be too, just saying. He’s a wordsmith whose every thought touches my very soul. It’s like he literally reaches deep inside me and pulls out the exact emotions coursing through my body and puts it on paper.

I especially love his typewriter series and find myself randomly clicking through his blog, soaking in all its beauty. Some of his stuff is actually quite heartbreaking but so powerful. I came across this poem today and damn it if I didn’t cry:

I found myself
the moment I found you
and I am petrified
that if you stop
seeing something
in me
then I’ll stop
seeing it

He’s the inspiration behind my Haiku Series, which will probably never measure up to his insane genius. But here’s hoping. Check him out and fall in love: Tyler Knott Gregson

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